Yupo paper and water-soluble graphite

I had Yupo paper(synthetic, very slick paper) left over in my studio from absolutely abysmal attempts of free spirited watercolor painting. I like control and detail, so I quickly gave up on this departure from my usual style. After several months of ignoring this new paper, I thought about other ways I could use Yupo.  I had two water-soluble graphite pencils in my ‘to try’ box and came up with a new and fun use for Yupo paper. Graphite is magic in any form, as pencil, dust or in water-soluble form.  On Yupo paper it lends itself to quick studies. Details are achieved easily, as are light and darks.

Here are the materials I used:

Two studies – quick, fun and full of lovely detail.

EMruhl_plant in winter_graphite on yupo

© Eva-Maria Ruhl

EMRuhl_winter pods_graphite on yupo

© Eva-Maria Ruhl


2 thoughts on “Yupo paper and water-soluble graphite

  1. I love these drawings, I have been experimenting with more expressive drawings, but you seem to have it nailed. I like the idea of water soluble graphite pencils, I will look through my box and see if I have any, or put some on my next order.

  2. Hi Sue. I checked your blog and it looks like you love plants and working with pencil. I had a great time using water-soluble graphite. Definitely something you should try. I’d love to hear back from you if you give it a go.

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