Graphite on board

March 30th, cherry blossoms should be getting ready to put on a show here in Washington, but this year is different. We are having rain, sleet, snow this weekend. A few daffodils and other early bulbs have started to bloom, but really, it’s still pretty dreary out there. Until I find a fresher subject, I will explore drawing nests a while longer. To change things up a bit I am using graphite on board.

For the first nest, Expecting,  I used graphite and graphite dust on a gesso board by Ampersand. The board has an even texture with just enough tooth to hold on to the graphite. The second one is a little larger. I prepared this board myself. I decided not to sand after applying several coats of gesso and to leave the pattern of brush marks to add interest to the drawing. For The Funnel Nets I used graphite in all forms, pencil, dust and water-soluble.


EMRuhl_expecting_nest series_graphite and graphite dust on gessoboard_6x6_© 2014 copy

EXPECTING 5″ x 5″ graphite on prepared gesso board © 2014 Eva-Maria Ruhl



EMRuhl_The Funnel Nest_graphite, watersoluble graphite on gessoed board_12x12_©2014

THE FUNNEL NEST 10″ x 10″ graphite on board © 2014 Eva-Maria Ruhl


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